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We have devoted ourselves to seeking out IT platforms globally which have proved to be the best in breed and recognized by major companies. Those solutions are capable of automating core business processes like S&OP and IBP, Sales planning, Financial Management and bringing out valuable data insights and connecting people across the organization around a single handy business management dashboard.

Best in breed

We are visionaries. We are the early birds seeking the most potential solutions worldwide which can solve complex issues for businesses. We select systems at different life-stages and of a different caliber, but all of them stand out among their peers.

Not by IT alone

Though we are IT ninjas, we know it well that a platform won’t do its job if core business processes are flawed. That is why our approach is to first help you implement the right processes so that the chosen IT platform gets up and running to the fullest.

Glocal scale

Being natively Russian, we started doing business here 10 years ago. Today we are rolling out solutions for top multinational companies in more than 20 countries which makes us a truly “glocal” phenomenon.

Businesses facing the challenge

There are commonly spread issues which make companies for an IT solution. Depending on our diagnostics, it comes down to either aiding in streamlining an integral planning process (or just a specific part of it) or accommodating lots of company-wide data in to one place to let it work to the fullest potential.

Planning Automation

  • Operational, Strategic and Financial planning are not linked
  • Plans and annual budgets are often not well connected as numerous spreadsheets and systems are not integrated or unified
  • Demand plans become stale and out of date impacting supply chain planning accuracy
  • Assembling data sets manually and validating their accuracy is too time consuming for fast planning cycles
  • Domination of spreadsheets across key planning streams creates errors and wastes time

Business Intelligence

  • All company-wide data is disparate and not managed integrally
  • No capabilities for the business to act on real-time data which hampers the quality and speed of decision making
  • Outdated collaboration methods between the teams around data
  • Data is not able to self-organize to make relevant business stories, generate insights and alert on issues and opportunities
  • Current BI is not agile, simple and intuitive enough to be leveraged by any employee at any level

Need advanced solutions

Anaplan – for an Integrated Business Planning automation and Domo – for a real-time Business Management – these are, probably, the two most advanced IT tools on the market for helping companies to run simpler, faster and more efficiently.

IBP automation


The Anaplan Connected Planning platform is one of the world’s leading solutions for IBP, Performance Management, Financial Management and Budgeting, S&OP and HR planning.

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Meant for uniting teams, their plans and data across all levels to enable Integrated Planning across the business

  • Eliminates Excel© in all areas of the planning process automation
  • Works as a precise solution for a single micro process like Promo planning or as an overarching solution for integral processes like IBP and Financial planning
  • Gets supported and developed by the business, not external consultants giving the business more independence and saving costs
  • Can expand beyond your company borders to connect external partners into the planning process

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Business Intelligence


Domo is a real-time Business Management platform uniting unstructured business data from any source together with individual, social and artificial intelligence into a single, easy-to-use and visually appealing dashboard.

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Is a handy, easy-to-use business management tool which radically reduces the time spent between a business event and action in real time.

  • Unites and transforms hundreds of disparate external and internal data sources into powerful insights and alerts thanks to a built-in AI machine
  • Makes data self-organize into visually superior, multi-layered business stories which are all interdependent
  • Has a built-in collaboration platform DomoBuzz to share, comment, annotate and take immediate action
  • Accessible from any device with an ultra-adapted mobile version via Domo app for iOS and Android

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Our customers

We have been doing business for 10 years using Anaplan and Domo platforms in various cases for the industry leaders in Russia and across the world.

S&OP | Business Intelligence | Executive Dashboards

Financial Planning and Analysis | Data Integration

Sales | Promo | Production and Logistics | Financial Planning and Analysis

Financial Planning and Analysis | Production | Sales | Data Integration

Sales | Promo | Finance

FP&A with a detailed Commercial Planning

Management Consulting

Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A)

Transport | Commercial Planning and Pipeline Management | Scenario Planning | Production and Capacity

Analytics with attitude

This is the team who made the dream come true – the dream to run an IT consulting practice to help people in the business do less useless work and focus on creating ideas for the good of the business. Get to know just a few from our extended team.

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