Right tools to get advanced

It’s in our DNA, this is what it all started – IT platforms. We carefully select renowned or emerging platforms across the globe which work to simplify, speed up and eventually advance planning and business management so the business can focus on making decisions, not excuses.

IBP automation


The Anaplan Connected Planning platform is one of the world’s leading solutions for IBP, Performance Management, Financial Management and Budgeting, S&OP and HR planning.

Business Intelligence


Domo is a real-time Business Management platform uniting unstructured business data from any source together with individual, social and artificial intelligence into a single, easy-to-use and visually appealing dashboard.


Goodness, explained in short

Get an insight into what makes Anaplan a top-chosen platform when it comes to getting your business planning truly connected.

Great unifier

Anaplan connects teams, their plans and data across all levels and functions to get an Integrated Planning process running flawlessly throughout the business

SuperExcel in clouds

Anaplan eliminates hundreds of Excel© docs and thousands of Excel© tabs into a solid connected cloud-based platform. Now any change to any cell instantly cascades through all models and results are recalculated on the fly

For Big and Small

Anaplan is a precise solution for single micro-processes such as Promo planning, bigger integral processes such as S&OP and FP&A, and a comprehensive IBP tool for the whole organization


The platform is supported and developed by business users, not consultants. All system updates and applications from the Anaplan Hub are always free

Going beyond

Anaplan can expand beyond the company borders to loop in external partners like suppliers, agencies, clients into the planning process on a single joint platform

Brainy one

Intellectual capabilities of Optimizer© by Anaplan aid in finding an optimal decision based on set criteria. Get your budgets, resources, RMPs split optimally in a click

Globally recognized

Anaplan is in the league of the best and fastest growing cloud companies in the world which makes it an easy choice for the biggest global companies

One of the World’s Best Cloud Companies

Anaplan was named on the 2018 edition of the Forbes Cloud 100 list, the definitive list of the top 100 private cloud companies in the world

Leader in the Gartner rating

Anaplan was recognized as a Leader in the 2018 Corporate Financial Planning and Analysis Gartner Magic Quadrant

Chosen by the he best

Anaplan is used by 200 out of 1000 biggest companies worldwide

One of the World’s Best Cloud Companies

Anaplan was named on the 2018 edition of the Forbes Cloud 100 list, the definitive list of the top 100 private cloud companies in the world

Leader in the Gartner rating

Anaplan was recognized as a Leader in the 2018 Corporate Financial Planning and Analysis Gartner Magic Quadrant

Chosen by the he best

Anaplan is used by 200 out of 1000 biggest companies worldwide

Holistic solution

Large and fast-growing organizations use the Anaplan planning platform in every business function to make informed decisions and drive faster, more effective planning processes.

Click on each to explore Anaplan’s use cases



Sales, Territory, Quota planning

A top-down and bottom-up sales planning across channels, territories and people

Promo management

Promo calendar management with promo scenarios and an embedded promo approval process in one interconnected model

Commercial conditions and Compensations

Customer conditions, discounts, bonuses and compensations planning

New Product Development

Management of a full cycle of New Product Development – starting from the concept stage to production, sales and promo planning up to a full P&L for the launch




An end-to-end S&OP process management with unified data, plans and analytics

Material & Inventory management

A detailed bill of materials planning with COGS calculation material needs on each point from supplier to goods on the shelf using safety stocks, lead times and MOQs

Production and Capacity planning

Draft capacities in scenarios with risks and opportunities


Delivery and warehousing costs calculations, transport management



Classic FP&A

Multiple budgets management – starting from simple bottom-up template consolidation to complex CAPEX models with a various scenario planning

Revenue & Profit planning

Operational data-integrated financial plans & forecasts, including reports based on a selected calculation methodology. Decisions modelling and evaluation process. Decisions knowledge management

OpEx and CapEx planning

Linked strategic, annual and tactical plans with “what-if” analysis on all planned expenditures. Precisely adjusted processes of planning and analysis for expenditures with deep hands-on knowledge for continuous improvement

Zero-based budgeting

Models rationalizing costs against benefits. Decisions packages synthesizing and a rating tool



IBP Orchestration

A truly integrated planning process carried out by leveraging a common data hub, workflow and roles management

Strategic planning

A strategy model with a scenario planning and business simulation and an integration with Annual and Operation models

Workforce planning

Various HR planning tasks starting from standard workforce planning to more sophisticated solutions like ramp-up planning, talent management, bonus & compensation planning

Project portfolio planning

Connecting a project portfolio based on scenario planning with other models like production, sourcing, sales, workforce and finance models

Anaplan is different

Anaplan allows for the structuring of massive Excel© and Access© files. You can unify and integrate all master data, processes and people together in a single model for your organization.

Simple & Intuitive
  • No programming, scripts, macros. The experience for modelers is easy and intuitive, even simpler than in Excel©
  • It eliminates corporate MS Excel© in all areas of automatization. Models are available in hundreds of billions of cells
  • No need to manage any in-house infrastructure
  • Any change to the model can be made on the fly by your local teams
Connected & Transparent
  • Anaplan smoothly integrates into your current IT infrastructure, enriching it, without disturbing
  • The platform connects fragmented data, disjoint processes and dispersed teams in your business into a single connected model
  • It links Operational planning with Financial and Strategic planning
  • The platform brings transparency for top management via dashboards. Deep, intuitive and detailed drill-down capabilities is the strength of the platform
  • Automated model visualization and logic documentation helps to have a transparent and open model
Easy to work with
  • It takes about 8-10 weeks to implement one use case for your business
  • We involve your team from the very beginning, co-create and teach them so that later you can make changes and create models yourself
  • It does not take a Math Phd to work and model in Anaplan. All technical aspects of the system are invisible for your extended teams and modelers
Powerful & Productive
  • Anaplan’s platform boasts the world’s most powerful and flexible modeling and calculation engine, called Hyperblock™
  • This in-memory engine enables the creation of detailed planning models that utilize all your data down to the transactional level (product SKU, stores, employees, etc.)
  • Once you make a change to any cell in Anaplan, data is recalculated across all models on the fly
  • The platform capacity allows you to work with almost unlimited models with millions of cells and thousands of users working simultaneously
Cost Efficient
  • The total cost of ownership is considerably low and transparent for the client from the very beginning. There are no hidden costs
  • With Anaplan, you spend NOTHING on hardware, new versions, or administration
  • Unlike many other systems, you always get upgraded versions for free once they get released
  • Anaplan Service Level Agreement (SLA) guarantees a 99,95% service availability all year long which is included in the subscription. In-house solutions cannot provide a comparable level of performance for the same cost
Safe & Secure
  • Anaplan has been recognized by the largest companies all over the world like Unilever, HP, Walmart, Tata Steel, Sky, PwC and many others
  • The highest security standards are guaranteed on every level – from physical access to data centers to web transfer encryptions

Results that matter

Anaplan is helping companies run their existing business processes simpler, faster and more cost-efficiently. Its customers see significant change across core business metrics with Anaplan, which gets further reflected in positive business results


From BI to real time BM

Just yesterday, it was enough to label something a “BI”, program it to process and visualize data and then proudly claim “This is a true Business Intelligence for your business!” Those days are gone. To be a modern intelligent business management tool, one needs to be everything all in one– so simple and intuitive, that even kids can get a handle on it. It should be unconstrained in terms of data processing, able think, learn and give this-very-second insights. Surely accessible from any device and other 100 requirements. Is there such a thing? Yes, there is! Domo.

Discover what makes Domo really different

  • Simply Democratized
  • Easily Connectable
  • Superior visualization
  • Intelligent and insightful
  • Collaboration machine
  • Literally handy
  • Certifiable content
  • No hidden costs incurred
  • Easiest adoption possible
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Simply Democratized

Domo is simpler than any other BM or BI solution across most of core parameters.
It’s our deep conviction that such a platform should no longer be limited to reports or dashboards created by analysts. It is the power of CEOs, Data Scientists, Analysts, Marketers, Sales Professionals, Demand Planners or, simply said, as many people across your business as possible to have 24/7 access to the right data and the right people at the right time. It’s 100% user-friendly making it easy to cleanse, combine, visualize and share data from anywhere—no coding required. Domo is simple, intuitive and makes your data work.

Easily Connectable

Domo syncs and transforms data no matter the way it’s stored – cloud, local on-premise databases, spreadsheets, cloud applications and external data hubs like social media services. Over 500+ internal and external sources known as “connectors” are available to be integrated upon your request. No suitable connector? Domo has the option to create made-to-measure data connections through the connector’s IDE which is an intuitively simple environment for managing & creating connections between Domo and the web’s most powerful APIs.

Superior visualization

Domo creates data visualizations with more than 300 data card builders which you can customize in a way that works best for you by personalizing formats, layouts and even graphic designs. Cards are interlinked and displayed in a convenient personalized dashboard which makes up your meaningful business story to help you make quality decisions much faster. All the cards and data flows update automatically so you always have the latest data and insights at your fingertips.

Intelligent and insightful

  • Intellectual alerts
    The Domo Alert Center keeps you informed of changes in your data, new content created, and what hot topics are trending within your teams so you can take instant action. Embedded AI and ML elements make the system generate insights on your data.
  • Personal wizard
    It’s “a magic wand” for almost anything you would like to do with your data. Just click on the wizard-type interface and get a helping hand along our journey with Domo – be it assistance with data transformation, visualization, notifications, collaboration or even applied ML algorithms you need to apply to your data.
  • Self-organizing content
    DOMO is a “last mile” which allows any business user to combine their corporate data with personal or local data, get it visualized and equipped with insights and immediately share it with anyone.
    Domo literally breaks the barrier between a so called centralized BI content (typically managed by IT) and individual or team-wide content managed by the business.
  • 3D drill-downs
    Domo is unique as it makes your data tell a story. Thanks to the native drill-down capabilities, anyone can easily dissect any data card down to the very first transaction
    Various filters and non-linear connections with other data pieces make the picture holistic.
    All content is customizable and can be shared, reworked and organized in any way and with any number of layers a person would like.

Collaboration machine

The Domo’s fully-integrated chat tool – Domo Buzz – allows everyone to share and collaborate around business data and real-time insights as a natural, organic part of the discussion – no tedious offline get-togethers or off-side mailing or instant messaging clients needed.
The Domo’s alerting and notification ability is native to D-Buzz which enables extremely deep, flexible and quick configuration across multiple delivery vehicles – notifications in the mobile app and on the desktop, SMS texts and emails.

Literally handy

It’s been a core objective for the Domo team to make a platform which one can access easily from any device, mobile specifically. That is why its mobile agent is likely to be the most advanced compared to any other BI solution on the market. The Domo app, available for iOS and Android, allows you to run your business literally from your mobile phone without any restrictions. Of course, it is also accessible from any device, be it a desktop or a tablet.

Certifiable content

Domo brings governance while unlocking the power of democratizing data to everyone in an organization and even beyond.
It offers role-based access controls and business-user defined policies. This means that data and insights can be easily certified by users to get into an existing “data lake” of your company. One can allow it to be accessible for everyone or restricted for a reason. Result? No more tightly controlled reports for IT to look after, and reduced risk of security breaches or people accessing things they shouldn’t.

No hidden costs incurred

The cost of license is the cost of ownership with Domo. No moving parts to buy and install on top. No additional license, server, development, and personnel costs afterwards. Unlimited transactions, unlimited storage in your own data warehouse, a full access to Domo development teams, support and full knowledge base on hand 24/7.

Easiest adoption possible

Nothing more to install, upgrade, or integrate. Domo is unique as it has an impressive speed of adoption which takes days, not months, and is easy to get a handle on by any business user regardless of the grade and expertise.

1 hour
In just an hour after you get an access to Domo, you can start working with your data on any device

1 day
After just 1 day of working with Domo, you will be capable of building your own customized dashboard with unique layouts of crucial data, intellectual alerts and chosen team members

1 week
After a week you will be proficient in Domo. Share data and insights with all relevant colleagues and partners, annotate and take proactive decisions and Domo will naturally become an integral part of your business management

Domo helps to achieve more

Domo is meant to help unlock the potential of all your data so you can make informed decisions much faster and in real time.


Average and risk adjusted ROI for the companies which use Domo based on the research by Forester ©

Customer voice

More than 1000 biggest global companies like Unilever, Ebay, Mastercard and DHL are already harnessing all the goodness of Domo. See what these leaders have to say.