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Adwise is the people. As simple as that. People are what determine our success and are what make it all matter to our customers. We battle any hierarchies, seniority titles. Anyone can get the ball rolling, anyone is able to lead the way. We put people first.

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Leonid Trotsenko

Managing partner, operational and strategic planning advisor

Konstantin Zubkov

Financial consulting practice lead

Oleg Korshchikov

S&OP advisor

Gurgen Melkonyan

Managing partner, marketing & strategic business management advisor

What we help businesses with

Our consulting practice is spread across three main streams– Methodology Advisory as part of IT platform projects, pure Management Consulting services and Change Management consulting.

Methodological Advisory

Methodological Advisory

When the team Analytix is doing their job getting the platform installed, we supervise the rollout throughout the whole project to make sure customer expectations are met and the platform lands well.

Management Consulting

Management Consulting

We are experts in building from scratch or revamping cornerstone processes of the business which are S&OP, IBP, Finance management, Marketing and Strategic management.

Change Management

Change Management

We can do Change Management consulting related to an IT platform launch or as a standalone service if it is needed.

Methodological advisory

When the team Analytix is doing their job getting the platform installed, we supervise the rollout throughout the whole project to make sure customer expectations are met and the platform lands well.

What it takes

  • Kick off phase. Define the need and document the scope for the IT platform based on the client’s brief and additional interviews or a snap audit
  • Process design phase.Map out the exact process which needs to be automated, then help IT modelers design the right platform setup. We normally adjust or upgrade your current process to unlock the full potential of a chosen IT platform
  • Ready-to-start phase. Assist in training internal teams on the specifics of the platform and the upcoming project, shape up and agree on a change management plan, build a “Change agents” team
  • Implementation phase. We will be with you during the whole project and will participate in user acceptance tests to get the platform fully operational on day one

Who makes it


Subject Matter Experts aka SME

Specializing in specific processes like Finance, S&OP, Integrated Business Planning (IBP), Financial Management, Marketing and Strategic management, they provide methodology consulting services in automation projects.

Management Consulting

Pure Management Consulting services can be on different scales – from a quick-to-complete intervention into a specific burning issue, to a full-fledged project such as an S&OP relaunch company-wide.



Profound, full-fledged investigation and revamp of a process



  • Projects of 3 months and more
  • An end-to-end process consulting around S&OP, IBP, Finance management, Innovation management, Strategic Management
  • Building a group “Agents of change” who significantly contribute to the project
  • Not only recommendations on what to change, but also a change management service



Targeted intervention to diagnose and treat a specific part of a process or a problem



  • Projects of less than 3 months
  • Addressing a topical specific issue
  • Exists in a form of a process audit with recommendations or tackling specific aching areas within a process e.g. accelerating a demand planning stage within IBP
  • Includes services like Chairing (running core meetings), Facilitation (running work groups) and Coaching (skills upgrade for core teams)



Extended progress supervision



  • Supervision of a process evolution either after its reload or when minor setbacks take place
  • Reporting of key pain points identified over a period and assistance in fixing them
  • 2 express audits with recommendations and 50 hours of consulting for a 6 months period

Financial Consulting

We consult on Financial Management, Corporate Finance and Strategic financial planning. We help companies to adapt to the changing business environment by driving growth and maintaining costs through their organization’s business planning and management processes.

We improve financial planning and analysis (FP&A) processes by focusing on these pivotal improvements


Evaluating and fine-tuning

Financial processes so they are relevant to the strategy. Implementing flexible processes for evolving strategies



non-financial business drivers into FP&A processes – improving alignment with an S&OP process



Insights – assistance with management reporting, analysis and business partnering efforts



Cycle Time – required for development of a new plan or forecast, resulting in more timely FP&A information


Long term planning

Assisting the organization in implementing a forward-looking approach



Levels of detail – helping to focus the organization on planning sustainably for the long term

Change Management

Change is the only constant element in business. The adaptation to change is a differentiating factor for companies. We are able to support you in change management related to the IT platform launch or as a standalone service for any of your projects. We look at change management from three different perspectives.


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The necessary changes in mindset, behaviors and culture


The change in tasks & activities, and their connections


The new platforms & interface with an existing system landscape

Change Management

Change is a healthy and vital part of any organization. However, change can be quite difficult. Based on our experience, there are a couple of typical issues which companies encounter while implementing change – as shown below. We also describe our approach on how to best overcome them.

Common issues

  • Resistance to change. Employees are often concerned with how the change affects themselves or their department. This can happen during all phases of the changing project, and even after the change has been implemented
  • Communication issues. Many companies do not have the right communication on changing projects with their employees. They often have too little communication, too few stakeholders involved, and the wrong content shared
  • Poor planning. Many changing projects fail because their scope is not clearly defined, or the definition of the success is not properly endorsed. Timing gets regularly shifted because there is no follow-up on the plan

Our solutions

  • Employee engagement. It’s important to build the employees’ understanding of the upcoming change (and particularly in the ‘WHY’ department), and actively involve them in the project. Also, an effective training program is essential to ensure a successful implementation
  • A communication strategy. A consistent communication plan should be developed, using diverse channels and different stakeholders involved. Two-way communication is key, as employees should get the chance to have their feedback or concerns addressed
  • A consistent change plan. We have developed a 9-stage model which can be applied to all projects we’re dealing with. It includes accurate planning and organization of the implementation, including the celebration of quick wins and long-term gains

Free and easy start

It’s never about pushing you to start, no matter what. We want you to have cool nerves and a well-rounded picture before you let us in. Therefore, there are three preliminary steps which cost you nothing!

0 Free of charge

Adwise methodology presentation and getting an initial brief from a client

0 Free of charge

Division Leaders and Board of Directors interviews

0 Free of charge

Decision on the project’s rationale, alignment on the project’s objectives, scope, expected outcomes



Project Launch

Flexible Methodology focusing on Objectives and Quick Wins


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