AdvancedTime to get Advanced?

Time to get advanced?


We are Advanced. Advanced by name, Advanced by nature. We are running a consultancy with our “tri-A” – Analytix, Adwise and Augmento. Each is meant to help streamline businesses, so they get faster, simpler, and most importantly, Advanced.

Our services

We are the new wave of business consultancy

Our philosophy says that no IT platform will work if core business processes are not in place. Therefore, our holistic outcome-centric approach makes us different to our bigger or smaller peers – we scan your business, highlight key focus areas, consult on how to get everything in place and install the right platform, once and for all.

See what often makes businesses look for automation in planning and business intelligence

  • Delayed decisions based on the back data

  • Mismatched Operational and Strategic planning

  • Core business processes are flawed or not in place at all

  • No single place of truth for the business

  • Overdependence on manual operations

  • Decelerated reaction and decision making due to limitations of Excel©

  • Several plans at a time instead of a scenario-based planning

  • Disconnected teams and conflicting goals

  • Low forecast accuracy

  • Business needing to transform to coincide with growth

  • Excel© domination with multiple reports and formats in different units

  • Manual data management

Able to find the right solution

The best business solutions are never cut in stone. For one, the task is to fix the basics by bringing in an IT platform for the automation of planning processes only, for another – it’s the full package, which is on demand – the whole IBP automation, coupled with a tool for a real-time business management to make the most out of your data, all spiced up with an AI-based feature.

Discover what jobs we are set to perform






Get rid of Excel© in all areas of planning automation

Connect and accommodate various parts of your planning process in a single unified model synching Operational, Financial and Strategic planning

Channel your manpower into value-adding tasks instead of hours of manual iterations and fixing errors


Connect, transform and visualize any of our internal or external business data into insightful and 3D data cards

Take timely decisions thanks to predictive alerts on changes of your target metrics and data insights in real time

Work anywhere, on any device with no limits – be it a smartphone, tablet or desktop


Get your business ready for launch either of our IT platforms – from helping define a need and documenting the right process design for the platform to supervising its release

Get a proficient Management consulting service for backbone business processes such as Planning incl. S&OP, Financial Management and Marketing

Discover the benefits of Change Management



Upgrade to perspective solutions based on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in the area of sales forecasting

Enjoy a significant improvement in Forecast accuracy and Forecast bias thanks to a ML-enabled forecasting process

Focus on managing by exception thus reducing resource intensity and growing quality of the planning process

With our platforms that do good

It’s in our DNA, this is what it all started – IT platforms. We meticulously select renowned or emerging platforms across the globe which work to simplify, speed up and eventually advance planning and business intelligence so the business can focus on making decisions, not excuses.

IBP automation


The Anaplan Connected Planning platform is one of the world’s leading solutions for IBP, Performance Management, Financial Management and Budgeting, S&OP and HR planning.

Business Intelligence


Domo is a real-time Business Management platform uniting unstructured business data from any source together with individual, social and artificial intelligence into a single, easy-to-use and visually appealing dashboard.

For our customers who play big

What we have achieved to date is due to our passion, hard work and our customers who have entrusted us to make their businesses more advanced.

Growing our business together

Bare facts speak volumes, so we think it would be good to show you a few.